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Friday, August 31, 2012

Ég gerði mistök

I fell off the wagon. Well, actually it wasn't a fall it was more of a graceful swan dive from the platform of health and weight loss into an insanely deep pool of fast food and weight gain. I doggie paddled around for 2 weeks and I just now decided that I had swam enough and have gotten out of the pool to dry off. Hopefully, I won't take another Olympic Gold Medal worthy dive back into that bitch.

Naturally I don't have any pictures of the food I've been eating because we all know what McDonald's and bottles of Mountain Dew look like. In case you're confused or you're not sure; I've provided examples below.

Yup...that's what my last 2 weeks have been. Nasty, artery clogging, weight gaining, goodness. Oddly enough, I haven't really gained any weight. I'm fairly sure it was just dumb luck.....

I'm back on it now...I'm back to eating healthy, drinking nothing but water and I'm going to add exercise to my daily (okay, maybe not daily) routine. I'm determined to get this done. I'm tired of being the fat friend....someone else can have that role.

Cas and I are also going to start a 30 Day No Fast Food Challenge. We're going to go the entire month of September without eating anything that isn't cooked at home. We say fast food but we mean any it O'Charley's or Longhorn or Taco Bell. NOTHING.

I keep trying to think of something awesome and witty to put here but really I don't have anything. I'm at a total loss for words so let's just end this blog with something fun.



Mrs JL said...

Best of luck to both of you on the 30 day no fast food challenge :)

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